We are a very small experienced women-driven team based in the Northern Suburbs of Melbourne, Australia. We specialise in creative, event and wedding videos/ photos. We mainly focus most of our time on our wedding photography and videography side of business. With a few years experience within the wedding industry we’ve acquired and embraced our own unique style of storytelling and have enjoyed every second of learning and growing with each and every couple we’ve had the pleasure capturing on their wedding day! 


S.P. Films was born from a desire to create and get hands-on with a passion we wanted to grasp and bring to fruition; it was a way to unleash imaginative ideas through moving and still images. We began our journey by shooting short TV episodes for a Dutch production company called ‘Dutch TV,’ capturing the unique culture here in Australia. During, we got to capture and interview a famous Dutch singer by the name of, Guus Meeuwis; who came to Sydney, Australia to perform for many fans. We continued to do work for another production company who specialised in corporate videos and soon after started filming a documentary on an emotional and difficult story about ‘Cystic Fibrosis.’

For us at S.P. Films, it’s all about bringing ideas and stories to a digital screen; making small or big moments become everlasting through moving and still images. 

Our Story - Melbourne

Sabrina Pon

From a young age, I have always had an eye for beauty and a mind full of stories to tell. The arts captivated me and discovered early on that it was the perfect way to express my inner creativity and imagination.


I have been lucky to work and collaborate with outstanding production companies such as Dutch TV and Dream Engine, which were both incredible experiences.


In every project, I use the techniques I've personally developed to understand and direct every scene. I always strive for authenticity when creating behind the camera; I believe in stories that are grounded in the magic of everyday life. Inspiration and determination are my key guiding words, and it is my hope that both those and my love for the craft shines through.


Creator and Founder of S.P. Films

"Our purpose is to capture the deepest and most sincere moments of one-time events so that everyone can look back on forever with fulfilment and love."

Melbourne Wedding Photography, S.P. Films

Personal Attention; we pride ourselves with quick responses and making everyone feel cared for!

Producing High Quality Films and Photos; providing our upmost professionalism and expertise to create outstanding work you can keep forever!

Clear Communication; we strive to be easily accessible to answer any questions you may have!

Quick Turnaround Time; we know that you're excited to see your films and photos which is why we always get your creative pieces to you as soon as possible!


Why S.P. Films?

Our Values

Impact - The impact that is being had on everyone from an individual to our planet; to all you beautiful couples.

Beauty - The beauty that we create and what we see in the natural world.

Support - To support you through the entire process when using our services.

Respect - To respect your budget and be honest if based on your budget if we are able to fulfil what you are looking to accomplish.

Continuously Improve - To continue to improve our skills to learn the best practices in the video industry.

Embrace Empathy - To display empathy and treat you like our friends and family.

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