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Here at S.P. Films we've helped many of our trusted clients and friends in creating exceptional and inspiring videos. Our corporate video services range in commercial, social, events and more. We craft each video with emotive and engaging content, redefining your vision in the form of a well - crafted and professional video. 

Target your audience!

Engage and excite your audience with an amazing video that describes your business, your adventurous new idea, new music, or anything else inbetween!

Corporate Video Production Melbourne

Amplify your message!

Propel your message into the world of technology with a single video.

Corporate Video Production Melbourne

Our Philosophy

As our society becomes more visually conscious and more constrained for time than ever, video has been recognised as one of the most effective ways to reach consumers, communicate key messages, and influences your target audience.

At S.P. Films we produce creative content videos that share authentic connections with your viewers, whether that is by entertaining them, showing them how a product works, or giving them a glimpse into what goes on behind the scenes of your business.

We step into the shoes of your target audience, asking ourselves questions on what would get your target audience interested in your business. Using the unique strengths and stories to get started on crafting creative video content for your business.

Creative Services

We provide services within many sectors of what we like to call 'Creative Videos.' Here's a small snapshot of what we provide. 


Corporate Video Production Melbourne

Training videos, explainer videos, brand videos.


Corporate Video Production Melbourne

Promo videos, teaser videos

product videos.


Corporate Video Production Melbourne

Music videos, trailer videos, 

fundraising videos, event videos.


Corporate Video Production Melbourne

Youtube videos, facebook videos, instagram videos.

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