Wedding FAQ - Victoria

How much do your wedding photography & videography packages cost?

We have four wedding videography/ photography packages that suit most budgets. The reason we don't include pricing on our website is because we have a beautiful wedding pricing guide to give you that provides you with all necessary information on all our packages. We also do small elopement packages for coulples who are having an elopement.

I need a last minute wedding videographer/ photographer. Is there any point getting in touch with you?

We are generally booked out in advance, however, we sometimes have the odd date free, or receive a cancellation; so we encourage you to get in touch at your earliest convenience. Rest assured, there's absolutely no extra cost for last minute bookings. We'll do everything we can to accommodate you.

How long does it take to get my wedding videos/ photos edited?

This depends on the type of package you chose with us, the more hours we film the more footage there is to edit. It normally takes 3 - 6 weeks to receive your final videos.

How do I secure my booking?

To secure a booking with us we require you to pay a deposit upon booking our services. After the deposit has been paid and we have recieved all booking forms, we permanently lock in your date and time.

Are you able to cover our day in a way that will be non intrusive to our guests?

We always try to be non-intrusive and not attract too much attention, as the day is of course about you and your partner. Obviously capturing key moments sometimes requires us to be in certain positions to ensure the best possible shot. But for the times we are asked to be extra stealthy we have techniques we can employ to enable us to be out of the way.

We are having a professional photographer at our wedding also. I was wondering how this will work also having a wedding videographer there?

Every wedding we film we are alongside a lovely photographer. In our experience this has always been very reassuring, as we love photographers; we're both creative which makes us like-minded individuals. We try and be courteous to the photographer and we hope the photographer can also do the same for us.

What happens if it rains all day on the day of our wedding?

It’s a good idea to have a wet weather plan thought out in advance incase of this situation. Yet the venue always have this sorted, as they of course have indoor and outdoor venues. Plan ahead and pack some matching umbrellas for the bridal party is also a good idea if the forecast doesn’t look good in the days leading up to the wedding. Most importantly don’t let the bad weather spoil your day!

Why do prices between different wedding videography/ photography company’s differ so much?

With wedding videography it is very much a case of you get what you pay for. We pour many hours of time into our films, sometimes spending as much as two weeks in the editing phase for our higher-end films. We are constantly upgrading our equipment so that we can offer the highest level in picture quality and creative shooting techniques.

Do you do payment plans?

Absolutley! You can always rest assure you won't be paying in full when booking our services, we have pricing plans for all our couples. Give us a message to learn more.