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From a young age, I have always had an eye for beauty and a mind full of stories to tell. The arts captivated me, and I discovered early on that it was the perfect way to express my inner creativity and imagination.


I have been lucky to work and collaborate with outstanding production companies such as Dutch TV and Dream Engine, which were both incredible experiences.


In every project, I use the techniques I've personally developed to understand and direct every scene. I always strive for authenticity when creating behind the camera; I believe in stories that are grounded in the magic of everyday life. Inspiration and determination are my key guiding words, and it is my hope that both those and my love for the craft shines through.


Creator and Founder of S.P. Films


Impact - The impact that is being had on everyone from an individual to our planet; to all you beautiful couples.

Beauty - The beauty that we create and what we see in the natural world.

Support - To support you through the entire process when using our services.

Respect - To respect your budget and be honest if based on your budget if we are able to fulfil what you are looking to accomplish.

Continuously Improve - To continue to improve our skills to learn the best practices in the video industry.

Embrace Empathy - To display empathy and treat you like our friends and family.

Melbourne Wedding Videography
Melbourne Wedding Videography


We at S.P. Films help clients get professional video and photo support in creative or wedding videography/ photography. While maintaining a commitment to our core values of respect, empathy and support for everyone who uses our services. Our WHY is: to capture the deepest and most sincere moments of one-time events so that people (couples, family members, future generations) can look back on forever with fulfilment and love. 

Our Story

S.P. Films was founded by a young individual, Sabrina.

"I just adore filmmaking, and to capture and create beautiful moving images to craft into a story is just simply magical."


We began to create Short TV Episodes with Dutch TV (Melbourne based Production Company). 

"We produced anything from, capturing the Dutch Culture here in Australia to filming a very well-known Dutch singer called, Guus Meeuwis in Sydney Australia; making a short episode on his first time performing in Australia in front of thousands of Dutch fans."

We started to create our Wedding Business.

"We've always had a passion for creating meaningful and special films for people, and this was a way to let that passion be unleashed. We began this journey with many goals and have already achieved so many. We continue to thrive and craft videos for beautiful couples; keeping their vision in mind and who they are as a couple. To then perfectly display who they are in our films."


Creating a Documentary on those living with 'Cystic Fibrosis.'

"This is a very important project, which we started in 2019. We're still in awe with how far we've come, and we couldn't have done it without our strong determination and work ethic. It's still in production stages, in hopes that we'll be able to release it in the next coming months.

Where we are now...

"We're forever grateful for how far we've come in such little time. We continue to grow and achieve our goals, and cannot wait what the future holds for us here at S.P. Films."


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S.P. Films is a production company specialising in documentary, creative and cinematic, event and wedding videos.

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