LOVE IS ALL WE NEED // FUN November Wedding

Updated: Sep 24, 2020

If asked me what the most fun and culturally different wedding I've filmed, in a heartbeat; without needing to think about it. I'd say Jane and Vailele's. It was upbeat, loving, and spiritual. Vailele's heritage comes from New Zealand and Samoa, and let me tell you they can party! They wear these beautiful, eye-catching beads around their neck and were all magnificently dressed for the wedding. When it got down to the reception and the dance floor - it went NUTS! It was certainly a privilege to get the opportunity to have filmed their wedding day.

Jane and Vailele were absolute strangers on the day however, in the end, I got to know their family and friends, and of course them. As I say to all my couples; at the start, we meet as acquaintances and by the end, we're proud to have built up a good friendship. Both J + V are also the kindest people you could ever meet, and as you can tell from the video they also have an enormous love for each other. By all means all weddings we film the couples are amazing, however, Jane and Vailele's definitely stood out to us.

See below how J + V organised their dream wedding!

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Celebrant: Stella De Vin

Venue: Ascot House

Wedding Videography: S.P. Films - Wedding Videography

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