Carissas' & Karls' COVID Wedding Day in Melbourne!

Our first day back from lockdown was amazing! The magical feelings; coming together of family & friends was terrific to be part of, after what seems like years!

Carissa & Karl got married at a location that had much significance to the both of them. This location was where they first met, and what's more romantic than to go back to the exact location to say "I do" to each other? It was certainly very sentimental and as someone witnessing these two on the day, you could definitely see the sparkles of pure love and joy radiating off the both of them.

Carissa & Karl

During this lovely sunny day, Carissa herself was pregnant - which certainly made the day even more special; although we were quite worried of her waters breaking during the ceremony! Everything went to plan and they had a successful ceremony, with much laughter! Carissa, already having two beautiful kids, a son and daughter were given a very special piece of jewellery to celebrate their parents marriage together. Being a videographer it was amazing to see the kids being included during the ceremony and given something to commemorate Carissas' & Karls' marriage.

Son & Daughter

As Carissas' & Karls' wedding was during COVID restrictions here in Melbourne, there were a limit of the amount of guests on the day. As there was also no reception, only the capturing of their ceremony, Carissas' & Karls' wedding was certainly different to what we usually capture on a wedding day. However, still being able to capture these memories is certainly a blessing and truly memorable - given the world we currently live in!

Carissa & Karl

Both Carissa & Karl were happy with how their videos turned out, saying:

"They look fantastic. Thanks so much!!!"

Which as a videographer is always amazing to hear! This is why we do what we do.

"I do"

We wish both Carissa & Karl much joy and happiness, we're thrilled we got to capture your very beautiful day!

See Carissas' & Karls' special wedding day video here.

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