Do We Really Need Two Wedding Videographers?

This is a straight forward no. You do not need two videographers. And why would I say this when one of my packages offers exactly that? Well... to clarify, you don't need more than one videographer just like you don't need to eat that second slice of chocolate cake... but aren't you ultimately glad when you take the risk and just go for it? YEP!

Let's dive a little deeper.

I can, of course, shoot a whole wedding by myself, no matter how many hours the couple has chosen in their package; but of course it's that much easier to have someone there beside you, lending another pair of arms to help you film - after all, I can't be in two places at once! Let me explain a couple of reasons to consider hiring two videographers.

Number 1 -

Perhaps most critical is the aforementioned ability to be in two places at once. I'll give you an example:

It's ceremony time and the bride is starting to walk down the aisle. I'm in my usual setup facing down the line from her, while my second camera is facing the groom (filming his reaction as she walks down). This provides good coverage, but imagine now if I had the luxury of having a second videographer with me. While I'm up front getting direct shots of the bride and groom, the second videographer could be getting reaction shots of everyone standing from their seats, or even following the bride down the aisle at the opposite end for another angle of her approach! More cameras means more coverage, which results in the freedom to capture those extra refining details for a better finished production.

This isn't to say that having two videographers at your wedding is necessarily vital, but you will definitely see an increase of production value with more hands on deck!

Number 2 -

Reason two is simple. It can be tempting for any videographer to play it a little safe when by his or herself, cautious of missing any important moments that may occur. Yet with a second shooter, it's possible to be a little more open and playful in how you direct a shot; you can experiment with things and take more risks, which leads to exciting and dynamic shots. When employing two videographers, you can expect one of us to have a wide-angled lens on one of our cameras for panoramic takes, while the other uses a tighter lens to capture the subtler facial expressions and gestures. You'll get the best of both worlds - you can have beautiful, sweeping and cinematic shots and smaller intimate moments. While one person can certainly juggle these responsibilities on their own, an extra set of hands and eyes dedicated to one half of the job ensures that nothing slips past.

My ultimate goal here is to outline the advantages of having two videographers film a wedding. The ability to be in more places at once doubles the chances of capturing more of those important moments AND having two shooters can lead to more dynamic and visually striking cinematic shots. The choice is yours to make!

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