SMALL, INTIMATE WEDDING // March Wedding 2020

Updated: Oct 6, 2020

Small elopements are so exciting to capture through a camera lens! The magic of every single moment is priceless and beautiful. Registry Style Weddings - hosted by an amazing celebrant by the name of, David Schneider; makes all small elopements a reality. His chapel is situated in the heart of Melbourne City, which makes it easy to get to, easy to find, and creates for spectacular moments. This is where we met, Robert and Tracey.

Robert and Tracey

Robert and Tracey got married by David right before the pandemic hit our shores; they were quite lucky to be able to tie the knot! They were surrounded by the love of their family and friends and had the biggest smile on their faces throughout the ceremony. The entire ceremony was filled with many laughs and hugs - which created picture-perfect memories, which makes us super excited and proud to be able to capture on film for the both of them.

After, we had the pleasure to be able to capture them in a variety of locations within the facility. This makes for a great addition to the final video we produce. It was certainly great fun and both Robert and Tracey enjoyed every moment!

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Celebrant: David Schneider

Photographer: Allison McKellar (Tales of Tingewick)

Venue: Registry Style Weddings

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