Five Reasons to Hire a Wedding Videographer to Capture Your Day

Updated: Feb 17, 2020

This is one of the most common questions asked by couples. "Why should we hire a videographer to film our wedding?" And I can absolutely understand the reluctance– hiring a Videographer can be quite costly, and hiring both a Photographer and Videographer might overwhelm the budget you've set for yourselves; you might tell yourself that you would rather spend the budget you have on other parts of the wedding instead. However, I can say with confidence and experience that most couples find the service fee completely worth it, to have the highest quality videos of their special day.

If you're unsure or still on the fence, we've listed 5 reasons to hire a Videographer that might give you a change of heart.

1. You’ll be creating a family heirloom.

Your wedding video will become an heirloom you can pass down to your children, for many generations ahead. Your future family will be able to relive your memories; and they won't just have photographs to flip through, but a whole story in film. This is an invaluable gift to not only you and your loved ones now, but for your future descendants to get to know you.

2. Your Vows, Speeches, and Your First Dance.

These are bound to be some of the most emotional parts of the day, especially your vows. Having these moments recorded forever on tape will make it simple to recall those overwhelming emotions whenever you want. There's nothing like looking back at these moments and laughing at a well-crafted joke your loved ones cheekily put in their speech, or getting to see the looks on your faces when you and your spouse finally saw each other at the altar. And of course, there's that first dance you've worked too hard on to simply let fade into history! These moments of joy are rare and sweet. We do our best to honour them, so that you can keep revisiting your best memories long after they're over.

3. You'll get to see the moments you missed.

It's no secret that your wedding day can be totally overwhelming! In the chaos of running everything and getting ready, there are moments that you might inevitably miss seeing; your families mingling, or friends having fun at the reception. That's the beauty in having a Wedding Videographer; we're there to make sure you won't miss a thing! You can focus on the hard stuff, knowing when it's all over you'll be able to sit down, relax, and see the entire day again through the eyes of your guests. You'll see the moments of anticipation just before you walked down the aisle, and you'll get to see the reactions of all your friends and family. If you think about it, Wedding Videographers are basically your extra set of eyes and ears for the day!

Here is a short 15 second clip of one of our recent weddings we filmed, to see the full Highlight Video follow this link

4. You can relive the moments, over and over.

Your entire wedding day is a once in a life-time event, but you'll find over the years that memories, even precious ones, can fade. Having a wedding film allows you to relive that moment over and over again, a truly priceless gift. We're there to ensure you can always look back on that day with a smile. Your anniversaries will have that extra special touch when you get to watch your wedding video and reminisce on the beautiful memories the two of you made together.

5. You can easily share the video with those who couldn't make it.

As unfortunate it is to think about, there is a chance that family or friends may be unable to make it to the wedding due to outside factors– distance, illness, or even work! It's a terrible feeling not only for you but your loved ones to miss out on such a special event. Thus, with a wedding video, you can easily share the day with them to make them feel as though they were sitting front row at your wedding!

Overall, as a Wedding Videographer my ultimate goal is to share your love story exactly the way you envision it and allowing you and your partner to look back on your sweetest memories forever.

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