Why Elopements (Micro Weddings) are becoming the new trend!

Micro Weddings

Since day one we've always discussed on the basis of 'big weddings' however, we now live in a time where big weddings aren't necessarily being planned. Why? Budget, COVID etc. This is where the growing trend of 'micro weddings' are being built. These micro wedding surely have their benefits including: less planning, less cost and it is more intimate.

As there are fewer people, having a guest list of approximately 1-50; you'll most definitely have less to organise in this circumstance. You'll also not be limited to the venues to fit everyone in as you may have when you have over 50 guests. There's more flexibility if you were wanting to plan for your dream beach wedding, that rustic modern wedding, or a quiet but intimate winter wedding. You then may also have more money to put towards other things whereas a big wedding may not allow you to do so!

Your wedding will be more personal for everyone; you'll have more time to chat and greet every single person who attends your wedding.

There are some cons of having a small wedding which could include: people being offended if they're not invited, however, with travel restrictions and limitations on the number of sizes a wedding can have, there are valid reasons. As you also have less to plan you will most likely plan your micro wedding yourself, even though it may not be as stressful it can still become stressful...

So, be prepared and start planning early and do your research so that the entire process can be extremely relaxing and fun (as it should be)!

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