Our Process - Creative Stages

Crafting your video is a magical process; this is what we do from start-to-finish!

Development & Concept

Here we discuss with you what you like to achieve and figure out how we can build upon your initial thinking. We'll ask you a few questions and from there we create a package that includes an idea, plan, timeline, and budget.

Pre-Production Stages

This is where we prepare everything to make the shoot a success: writing a script, creating storyboards, schedule, shot lists, hiring and preparing a crew, securing equipment, finding and securing locations, selecting wardrobes and so on.

Production Stages

The main task is to capture the shots we planned in pre-production. It's where all the time and energy spent preparing culminates into something special.

Post-Production Stages

Here is where all our hard work comes together. We edit the video; add music, audio effects and voiceover; adjust sound and colour; add titles and credits; create special effects; and most importantly export the video in the correct format for placement.


Then it's time to send over the video to you! We either do this using cloud transfers or USB.