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Here at S.P. Films, we find it vital to capture your wedding day as a silent guest. As a small, close-knit production team, we are dedicated to creating authentic wedding photos & videos only for you and your special someone. The experience of having your wedding photographed & filmed should be relaxed, intimate, and comfortable. We aim to get to know you and your partner and to give you photos & a film you can forever treasure. Ultimately, our objective is to portray the true love story of you and your partner on your special day.


To capture the deepest and most sincere moments of one-time events so that you can look back on forever with fulfilment and love. 

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Your Special Day, 

Life happens in a blink of an eye. It’s hard to remember every detail of your wedding preparation, ceremony, and reception – unless, of course, it’s visually documented on video or as photos. The most intimate details, laughable and loveable moments all treasured in moving images and stills is a must in our eyes! Not only do we love capturing these moments, we adore giving you a gift you can treasure for future generations to come! 


Oh Sabrina we just watched the video and absolutely love it!!! You did an amazing job, thank you so much! And the photos are awesome. So cool!! 


Small Elopement Video


What Captivates Us?

We are captivated by the emotions, the fairy-tale feelings that make you and your special someone laugh or cry. It's those true and authentic moments of emotion we seek to capture, that then will last a lifetime.

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